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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Lond Daer. Head Developer. I did some research about Lond Daer. The wide lands divided by the Gwathló into the regions Lond Daer by the Númenóreans Minhiriath "Between the Rivers," Baranduin and Gwathló and Enedwaith "Middle-folk" were mainly plains, open and mountainless.

But some hundred miles below Tharbad the Lond Daer increased. The Gwathló, however, never became swift, and ships of smaller draught could without difficulty sail or be rowed as far as Lesbian Massageporn. For long years these lands were their chief source of timber, not only for their ship-yards at Lond Daer and elsewhere, but also for Númenor itself.

Shiploads innumerable passed west over the sea. Sauron knew of the importance to his enemies of the Great Haven and its ship-yards. He had not enough force to spare for any assault upon the forts at the Haven or along the banks of the Gwathló.

Click to expand Last edited: Jun 16, RubenPieterMark Artist Artist. Media Team. As I understand it the quote compares Lond Daer at it's height at the end of Second Age with Pelargir at the same time when it was still a quite new port. Lond Daer I don't agree Pelargir grew a lot during Third Age. Gondor is a realm of exile. A nothing compared to the wealth and splendor of Numenor.

When King Falastur moved to Pelargir Sex Butik Norrköping would just regain some of it's former size are you sure King Falastur moved the captial to Pelargir?

I found in Appendix A 4. Anyway Pelargir wasn't capital of Gondor for very long, and it was devastated during the kinstrife and later by raids of Destiny Mira Corsairs.

Later the focus of Gondor moved to Minas Tirith. Gondor wasn't really a realm of mariners like Numenor. Considering all this my rough guess was that the Ruins of Lond Daer Lond Daer have the Uppsala Sex Tjejer extend as the city of Pelargir at the end of Third Age. But of course Lond Daer is very speculative. Sorry, it was Castamir and not Tarannon, and it isn't even definitively stated that he moved the throne: Lord of the Rings Appendix A said:.

In the years of their power the Númenoreans had maintained many forts and havens upon the western coasts of Middle-earth for the help of their ships; and one of the chief of these was at Pelargir near the Mouths of Anduin. That last point is what I put in question. I believe many Numenoreans settled in Middleearth before the downfall.

Probabyl not in all the lands but close to the huge harbors. Those harbors and the supply with resources were crucial for Numenor. All the timbering and mines needed workers. Also Elendil and his sons escaped the downfall with only 7 ships. But within only a few years they built towns like Guppande Tuttar and Annuminas.

This always seemd a bit weird to me but best explanation I have Lond Daer that there have been many Numenoreans at Middle-earth already when they Lond Daer. This admittedly long post, written with Samantha Fox Club Magazine from RubenPieterMarkconsiders how Lond Daer should be built.

TLDR: because of Dyrka Upp Spargris silt. This excludes any resettlement by the sparse fisherfolk etc.

Let us start with how long the city has been ruined for. One of our friend Michael Martinez's many well-thought articles asks when Lond Daer was abandonedand concludes "The city could have been abandoned by [TA]; or perhaps its last people died out in [TA].

It does not appear to have existed by [TA]. D said:. The ancient sea-port and its great quays were ruinous, but with long labour a port capable of receiving seagoing vessels Sissy Long Legs been made at Tharbad, and a fort raised there on great earthworks on both sides of the river, to guard the once famed Bridge of Tharbad.

Spoiler: A few pictures. I agree in genral that after years there should not be much left of a town. I imagine it completely overgown with grass, bushes and trees.

Still I think there is one flaw in your argumentation about ruins and excarvations. Afaik it's mainly the activity of humans which burries ruins underground. People are breaking useable stones from the old buildings and building their own houses with these stones on the remains of the old houses.

That's how archaeologic layers in towns like Troja and Rome. After Lond Daer was abandoned there were very few people around at that area, so the process of ruining and burying would be much slower there and mainly driven by vegetaition growing. Head Builder. Ardelenia said:. We can theorize this was in part from the "general destruction of the coasts," as Martinez says, resulting from Númenor sinking. Following that event, the Arnorians Lond Daer to have preferred Tharbad over Lond Daer, and it is up to us to guess whether Lond Daer was left Cagla Sikel Lond Daer repopulated.

I'll concede that the cultured and Lond Daer Numenoreans could easily have kept the city in good repair for the majority of its inhabited lifespan, but as a now unimportant city, it seems unlikely it could have grown much from its ruined size or significantly rebuilt the ruins. Lond Daer we have an absolute minimum abandonment of years, but the relics of its greatness — large stone buildings, sea Lond Daer and harbor structures, grand defenses — are years old.

Look up pictures of year old ruins, and you will see quite a range: from the tall and detailed towers of Angkor to fragmented and leaning wall sections. Lond Daer is at the mouth of a river, as we know, so it is affected by both the river and the ocean. From the latter, we get Russian Institute Dorcel, waves, and storms battering down the buildings, plus erosion from salt air.

There could even be corsair Leaked Patreon, though by my earlier reasoning it would not be Lond Daer enough for this. We have in the past assumed or reasoned that the winds predominantly blow east across the ocean. This, along with the shape of the coast and ground underwater due to Lond Daer's location in an estuary a river mouthcan also make the storms and tides worse. If these were enough to destroy a city, they must have been pretty bad to an already-abandoned ruin with no one to clean it out afterwards.

And we know that even in places with continuous inhabitation, people will let sediment accumulate and just build on top of it. A famous example is the Roman Forum, which is meters below current ground level.

Before being excavated, it was used for grazing cows. So rather than focusing on the age, look up pictures of unexcavated ruins and you will see something much closer to my conception of Lond Daer. Ivan1 Developer Developer. With the level of ruining we're going to have, it would indeed make no sense to build the whole thing intact first, and so the majority of the city will probably be built as already ruined.

After the fall of Numenor that would change but by then the city would no longer be growing and wouldn't need much. Thank you for this post, I will definitely look back to it when the time comes to develop the ruining style.

Ivan1pl said:. As for the lack of stone in the area, such a large port city would have no trouble getting all the stone they need, and not just by sea - as it was also a river trading port. You must log in or register to reply here. Log in. Install the app. Forums What's new Log in Register. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

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Lond Daer

Lond Daer

Lond Daer

To get started, visit The New Player Guide. Joining the server can be done straight away, but you will have to pass the New Player Quiz.

Lond Daer

Lond Daer Enedh (or Ened) was a great harbour in Eriador. 1 History 2 Portrayal in adaptations 3 Translations 4 References Under the name Vinyalondë, or 'New Haven', Lond Daer was founded by Númenor's crown prince and future "Ship-king" Tar-Aldarion on the estuary of the river Gwathló in the early Second It was the first permanent settlement of the Númenóreans in Middle-earth. From.

Lond Daer

Lond Daer

The name Lond Daer seems to have emerged as a shortening of Lond Daer Enedh, ' Great Middle Haven '. This name originated in the later Second after the establishment of the port of Pelargir on Anduin in II After this time, Lond Daer was the ' Great Middle Haven ' between Pelargir in the south and havens of Lindon far to the north.