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He varied his drum patterns with accents and flourishes, and he generally kept the beat with the bass drum while playing buzz rolls on the snare. Some of his early influences included Louis Cottrell, Sr.

Dodds was among the first drummers to be recorded improvising while performing. His mother, who died when he was nine years old, taught him valuable lessons about persistence and putting one's whole effort into endeavors, and he carried these with him through his career as a jazz drummer.

He was born into a very musical family. His father and uncle played violin and his sister played harmonica. In addition, his father was religious and the family regularly sang hymns together. Dodds, in his autobiography The Baby Dodds Storytold the story of making his first drum: "I took a lard can and put holes in the bottom and turned it over and took nails and put holes around the top of it.

Then I took some rungs out of my mother's chairs and made drumsticks out of them". Although Dodds had several paid teachers during Jojo Babie Hot early years as a drummer, various jazz drummers around New Orleans also influenced him.

He started playing in street parades around New Orleans with Bunk Johnson and his band and then gained a job playing in Willie Hightower's band, the American Stars. Dodds describes this experience in his autobiography: "The jazz played Lords Traci New Orleans funerals didn't show any lack of respect for the person being buried.

It rather showed their people that we Xxxt them to be happy". Dodds gained a reputation as a top young drummer in New Orleans.

A teenaged Louis Armstrong also joined the band, and the two of them were on the boats together. Louisthough they Hamster Xx sometimes traveled further north. They played jazz, popular, and classical music while on the boats.

Inthe band, excepting Garland, Palao, and Jones, followed Oliver to Chicagowhich would be his base of operations for several years. They began playing at the Lincoln Gardens, and Louis Armstrong also joined this outfit. Dodds describes playing with this band as "a beautiful experience". Cyr, Lonnie Johnsonand Baby Dodds. After the Oliver band broke up, the Dodds brothers played at Burt Kelley's Stables in Chicago, and soon after, Johnny Dodds began leading his own outfit, of which Baby was a part.

Johnny Dodds died of a stroke in Of his brother, Baby Dodds said the following: "There just couldn't be another Johnny Dodds or anyone to take his place. And his passing on made a big difference in my life. I had been connected with him for many years and from then on I had to be wholly on my own". This was the time of the New Orleans Revival, which was a movement in response to the emerging style of bebop.

Many jazz traditionalists wanted jazz to return to its roots during this time. Dodds, having remained a New Orleans style drummer untouched by the influence of swing, found himself playing a role in the New Orleans jazz revival. On some of his trips back to New Orleans, he recorded with Bunk Johnson. Dodds ended up playing with Johnson's band in New York. Dodds described his impressions of New York as a place where people listened to jazz rather than dancing to it: "When I first went to New York it seemed Jojo Babie Hot strange to have people sitting around and listening rather than dancing.

In a way, it was similar to theatre work. But it was peculiar for me because I always felt as though I was doing something for the people if they danced to the music". Dodds returned to Chicago after the European tour and while taking a trip to New York in Aprilhe suffered a stroke.

In he had his second stroke and in suffered a third. After his three strokes, Dodds tutored and played in public as much as he could, though he was unable to complete entire performances.

He died on February 14,in Chicago, Illinois. Several accounts of the Dodds brothers suggest that they did not always get along. When the brothers were younger, Johnny got a clarinet from his father but Baby did not get a drum even though he asked for one.

As they grew up, Johnny refused to let Baby play music with him because Baby was a heavy drinker and Johnny did not drink. When Joe Oliver hired Baby and Johnny saw how much Baby's talent as a drummer had grown, however, Johnny changed his mind.

The revised edition was published in Gara's wife transcribed the interview between Gara and Dodds, and Gara then edited the interviews. Gara wanted this book to be Baby Dodds telling his story rather than Gara telling it.

He, therefore, consulted jazz historian Bill Russellwho helped Gara check Dodds' interviews for details that historical findings did not support. The finished product is a narrative by Baby Dodds with minimal footnotes from Gara. Although some details may be exaggerated, The Baby Dodds Story serves as a depiction of early jazz and its many influences as seen through Dodds' eyes.

In many of his recordings, Dodds had to use a wood block rather than a drum set because of the nature of the recording technology. It was therefore difficult to hear Dodds' original style from early recordings, such as his sessions with King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band. This record gives an idea of what Dodds would have sounded like in his prime had the recording technology been what it is today. Dodds continues to be admired for the creativity of his playing. He believed in playing something different for every chorus of every tune.

He described it in his autobiography: "One night a French soldier came in. When he heard the music he couldn't dance to it, but he just started to shake all over.

That's the way it affected me. I saw him do it and I did it, too". Boy that alone was in my estimation the whole worth of admission". When a man is playing it's up to the drummer to give him something to make him feel the music and make him work. That's the drummer's job". Notable is the absence of the hi-hat cymbals and stands.

Dodds never liked them: "I didn't like them and I still don't. Some drummers can't play without them. I can't play with them. The Veterans Committee specifically looks at jazz artists who are no longer living who were overlooked for one reason or another while they were alive. The article in DownBeat about Dodds' induction again blames the recording technology in the s, and it also acknowledges the fact that when Dodds was in his prime, the hi-hat had not yet been invented.

By today's standards, Dodds played with an incomplete drum set for much of his career. Included in this collection are transcribed interviews from Larry Gara and Bill Russell as well as material for a movie about Dodds that Jojo Babie Hot worked on. Media related to Baby Dodds at Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American musician.

DecemberImage: William P. Musical artist. Louisiana State University Press,p. Louis Armstrong: Master of Modernism. New York, NY: W.

ISBN Louisiana State University Press,pp. Oxford University Press,pp. Oxford University Press,p. The Percussive Arts Society. Archived from the original on Retrieved Visions of Jazz; The First Century. Dodds' way of playing press rolls ultimately evolved into the standard jazz ride-cymbal pattern. Whereas many drummers would play very short press rolls on the backbeats, Dodds would start his rolls on the backbeats but extend each one to the following beat, providing a smoother time flow.

Louisiana State University Press, The Historic New Orleans Collection. Authority control. Namespaces Article Jojo Babie Hot. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file.

Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. New OrleansLouisianaUS. February 14, aged 60 ChicagoIllinois Chatta Med Tjejer På Kik, US. Jazz Jojo Babie Hot.

Jojo Babie Hot

Jojo Babie Hot

He varied his drum patterns with accents and flourishes, and he generally kept the beat with the bass drum while playing buzz rolls on the snare.

Jojo Babie Hot

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Jojo Babie Hot

Jojo Babie Hot

Jojo Babie Hot

Jojo Babie Hot

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