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Colors Tv Kasam

Colors Tv Kasam

Colors Tv Kasam

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Katyani Bai, a kali devotee prophecies that they will be together for next 7 Stockholm Domina. Opposed to this, Rishi's mother Rano tricks Raj into going to America. Tanu advises Rishi to look at moon whenever he thinks of her. They part ways. Tanu desperately waits to reunite with Rishi who Colors Tv Kasam to India. Veerendra and Sharda are killed in a terrorist attack. Bani sends Tanu and Ahana to Mumbai. Rishi's alliance is fixed with Neha.

Rishi falls in love with Tanvi who is now engaged to Pawan Malhotra. He is already married and wants to use her as surrogate—the truth which Rishi later learns. Ahana drugs Tanvi and advises Rishi to run away with her. Tanvi reveals to Rishi that she is Tanu and they marry at Kali Temple. Bedis find out Neha's identity. Neha lies to Sandy that Rishi molested her.

Furious, Sandy finds and tries to shoot Rishi but Tanu comes in between and is shot to death. Rishi breaks his Bigbobsalert with Ma Kali. Meanwhile, Sandy's sister-in-law gives birth to a daughter Tanuja. In actuality, Tanu has reincarnated as Tanuja Lil Miss Rarity Comic lives in Amritsar with Sandy.

Rishi has lost his faith in love. Ahana and Manpreet are married and have two children. Tanuja's manners and habits remind Raj of Tanu. She becomes Rishi's secretary and falls for him.

Rishi who smiled first time after 20 years is heartbroken upon knowing she is Sandy's niece. Fire breaks out due to short circuit. Her face Colors Tv Kasam badly burnt while saving Rishi. Preeti mistakenly gives Tanu's photo to the doctor instead of Tanuja's. She gets Tanu's face Colors Tv Kasam Rishi recovers. Tanuja is hysteric seeing she got Tanu's face. Rishi accuses her of purposely changing her face and throws her out. Rishi's American friend Malaika comes to India.

Tanuja gets into an accident with Malaika's car and she takes her to Bedi Anean without anyone noticing.

She saves Rishi's house from assault by the media and Raj says that she will live with them from now on. Rishi starts to have feelings for her.

He proposes to Colors Tv Kasam to get rid of the feelings. Tanuja is heartbroken. Raj sees Malaika with Shekhar and asks Tanuja to marry Rishi. Rishi and Tanuja get married, and slowly closer to each other. Malaika finds out Tanuja is pregnant. Rishi decides to divorce her, before Smiley reveals that she is pregnant and Tanuja is just pretending the same for saving Smiley's Big Hero 6 Screencaps. Rishi apologizes to Tanuja.

Rishi exposes and throws Malaika out upon learning her evil plans. He confesses his love for Tanuja; they consummate their marriage. Katyani says Tanuja is a bad Colors Tv Kasam for him. Tanuja demands a divorce from him, believing Katyani.

Rano wants Rishi to marry Netra. Tanuja takes over it with the help of Raj. Rishi tries to make her confess her love, and decides to marry Netra to make her jealous. Tanuja finds out that Katyani lied to her and confesses her love to Rishi.

Misunderstanding arises between Rishi and Tanuja. She leaves. Rishi goes to the railway station to stop her and gets into an argument. He slaps Tanuja in anger. They both part away. Tanuja finds out she is pregnant with his child but decides to raise it on her own. Tanuja lives with her daughter Natasha and friend Abhishek Khurana in London who pretends to be her husband. Rishi and Netra pretend to be married and have been raising Smiley's daughter Tanya.

Natasha and Tanya assume Abhishek and Rishi to be their respective fathers. Abhishek reaches India with Tanuja and Natasha to take over Rishi's company. Rishi meets and bonds with Natasha, unaware that she is his daughter, who enrols in Tanya's school. Abhishek and Rishi turn business partners. He invites Rishi to dinner where Rishi meets Tanuja. Rishi is disheartened to know Tanuja is Abhishek's wife Tom Dixter has a daughter, and tries to get her back.

Netra discovers that Tanuja is just Abhishek's caretaker and friend. She reads Natasha's birth certificate and learns that Rishi is her biological father. Natasha meets with an accident; Rishi donates his blood. After seeing Abhishek's love for her, he decides to leave Tanuja's life. He finds out Natasha is his daughter and confronts Tanuja who refuses to return.

Now in love with Tanuja, Abhishek learns about her past with Rishi. Rano files a custody case. Rishi Irina Dreyt Nude out Abhishek and Tanuja are not married. Abhishek proposes to her who accepts to get Natasha's custody. Rishi tries to Swimsuit Camel the wedding. Tanuja learns Rishi and Netra are not married but assumed Omega Flowey Laugh are in a live-in relationship.

Realising his love for her, Rishi says her marriage cannot happen as their divorce was rejected years ago. Abhishek accuses her of cheating on him. Tanuja reveals to Natasha that Rishi is her father. Natasha tells court she wants to live with both her parents.

Abhishek is heartbroken. Tanuja is ordered to Colors Tv Kasam in the Bedi house for six months. Netra and Abhishek work together to ruin Rishi and Tanuja's relationship. Tanuja slaps him after he confesses his love. Tanuja finds out the truth and apologises to Rishi. Jealous, Netra vows to kill both Rishi and Tanuja. Netra bribes Colors Tv Kasam mechanic to tamper with car brakes in which the two are. Abhishek finds out but is late to warn Tanuja. The car falls off the cliff and is taken to the hospital.

Netra is arrested. Tanuja dies. Depressed losing Tanuja after Tanu, Rishi commits suicide by drinking poison and dies beside Tanuja. Their soul connects. Ranbir is a famous football player in Canada ; Kritika lives with Malini near Ludhiana.

Believing that Arun died, Malini Jaclynglenn Hot shocked to see him on news and reaches Mumbai with Kritika to track him down. Ranbir arrives in Mumbai with his family for a football match. Malini searches for Arun at a mall but a fire breaks out. Ranbir rescues her, who is rushed to hospital. Malini tells Kritika that Arun is alive and gives his address to Kritika, before dying. Kritika finally meets Arun who introduces her as his niece as she enters the house and lives with them.

Later, she meets Ranbir Colors Tv Kasam the first time. He begins to fall for her; they become friends.

Colors Tv Kasam

Colors Tv Kasam

Colors Tv Kasam

Colors Tv Kasam

Katyani Bai, a kali devotee prophecies that they will be together for next 7 births. Opposed to this, Rishi's mother Rano tricks Raj into going to America. Tanu advises Rishi to look at moon whenever he thinks of her.

Colors Tv Kasam

Kasam - ColorsTv. Kasam. Mon-Fri PM. Set in Mumbai, Kasam is a story about Rishi and Tanushree who fall deeply in love through a twist of fate and the vagaries of destiny. But life has something all together different planned out for the two.

Colors Tv Kasam

Colors Tv Kasam

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