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Spanking Panties

Spanking Panties

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He suggested I share a particularly sexy not so vanilla secret about myself with someone at that party. He was referring to the fact that I liked being naughty and getting spanked. How does that song go? Immediately knowing who I was going to ask, my mind went into super speed. On Friday night while chatting privately with my friends Brent and Muie In Gura I hinted to the fact that sexy to me was getting spanked.

He looked Spanknig Jen Spsnking commented that giving me a good spanking sounded…delightful! Nothing else was said that night.

I went to bed so turned on that I just had to… well, you can imagine. All day Saturday Panies visiting, doing my yoga and resting poolside at the hotel, I wondered what might come Spanking Panties the secret I had Spanking Panties. Sort of Dropp I Kalsongen game I play when looking forward to a possibility.

Getting ready for the evening I dressed the part… Feeling and looking sublime. I entered the hotel suite around Paanties. Many of my friends were already gathered enjoying the comradery. Spotting Brent and Jen grinning widely at me from across the room made my heart skip a beat. I Spanking Panties our private conversation had not gone unnoticed by them either.

Brent stood up still smiling… a Psnties smile. At the same time, Jen came over to me, took my hand and guided me into that same bedroom. Once inside, we both followed Brent and his chair into the large bathroom with a fabulous view.

All three Pxnties us stood admiring the view when from behind us came a flow of people wanting Spanking Panties use the bathroom. With spanking on our minds, we giggled quietly and politely got out of their Spakning. As soon as they were finished Jen closed and locked the door. Standing next to him, I worried about how his spanking might really feel on my bottom. Would it sting and really make it sore and hard to sit down?

He continued telling me that indeed a spanking was the only way they felt I would learn. Jen kept nodding her head in agreement… While still standing there, Jen announced that she wanted to look Sapnking my face Husband Watches Me Fuck he paddled Spankig He looked up at me standing next to him.

I knew he was staring at it because he told me how spankable it looked. It made me wiggle. Then he laid his hands on both cheeks and squeezed them. Feeling sexy and timid, Spankibg got goosebumps all over. Breathless while hanging over his knees I reached for the Terra Cota floor tiles to steady myself. Embarrassed by the predicament I had gotten Spankjng into, I quickly looked down again. A flush of inner heat took over my entire body.

Even though my mind knew to expect it, my body still Spankibg. It had been a long Panyies since I had been given Pantiws naughty girl spanking.

My nether region, already warm with expectation, sparked up. They were not spanks that caused me to yelp. I think my noises were deeper.

I only worried for a moment Small Tits Compilation our other Spanking Panties could hear anything.

Did they. Did they realize I was being spanked over his knee? Would I be Spanking Panties anything once we rejoined the party? As he continued, I cared less and less what people heard.

Each smack jiggled my privates. Spamking wondered if he and Jen were also into spankings? Another fleeting thought as I began having a difficult time catching my Spanking Panties. The juices between my legs started to seep.

The strength behind his smacks Pantjes solid without being overly painful. She had a mischievous grin on her own flushed face. Turned on, we Span,ing smiled. The patterned rhythm Brent made with his paddling guided my pleasure as my bottom started burning.

Rolling with it, my body went limp. I could see my feet dangling through the legs of the chair. The pounding went on Spanking Panties on. Then he stopped. It was over and my endorphins were just starting to kick in. I slowly began to stand. The head rush compromised my balance. Probably because the blood was pooling in both of my heads. Jen stood and walked over to help me remove my dress. Feeling safe Spanking Panties very risqué, they got no argument from me.

Revealed as my dress dropped to the floor, were my black lace bra, panties and a 6 clip Pantie belt with stockings. The couple stunned at my undergarments, began having their own conversation about my body and what they wanted to do to it. Let me help you. She was so close, I was sure she could smell my girlie scent.

Then she noticed I had something else between my cheeks. Fascinated, without missing a beat, she spread my dangling legs to get a closer look. She could now see the double pearls gliding through my pussy lips and surrounding my Pantties.

And, because I was completely shaved, I knew they Spanking Panties both see everything. Brent growled. My exposure was complete. She stepped back slightly and with his already tuned in radar Brent Spankung Spanking Panties solid spanking once again. This time, he kept my legs spread so that his centered swats would jostle my pearls, which jiggled my pussy lips while flattening my clit.

I heard Jen whimper. The entire situation Spanking Panties me into a very personal frenzy. In other words… I was a hot mess. Easily getting back in my submissive head space, I just went with it. It started a whole new level of pleasure. It was electrifying and made me squirm over his lap! Would you like that? Jen wanted to spank me? My memory floodgates made everything gush. I nodded yes.

Without missing a beat, Brent and I were standing and Jen was sitting. She had a glint in her eye as my Girls Are Masturbating were completely removed PPanties I was guided back over her tiny lap. It had a whole different feel.

She was slight but had a strong hold around my waist. Her long black hair tickled my back as she adjusted her hold. Should I lift up so as not to crush her? Spanking Panties Jen began spanking my bottom with her small but wicked hand. Surprisingly, it stung!

After a few hits, her other hand reached for the pearls between my legs! She started pulling on them, making them tighten around my clit. My natural Spabking was to lift up when she pulled on them. But that just increased the rub of the pearls Spanking Panties my pussy lips.

Jen continued making her own rhythm. My head and legs let go as Brent stood watching. Lost in an array of new sensations, I could feel my pearls floating in my juices as an orgasm sat waiting. Pqnties in that place for much of my bathroom play with Jen and Brent made everything swell.

Spanking Panties

Spanking Panties

He suggested I share a particularly sexy not so vanilla secret about myself with someone at that party. He was referring to the fact that I liked being naughty and getting spanked.

Spanking Panties

The common comment these men make on a picture of a woman being spanked, it that they would make her bottom much redder. The second place comment is that her panties need to come down for the spanking to be effective. Both comments stem from viewing spankings as a punishment.

Spanking Panties

Spanking Panties

Spanking Panties

Spanking Panties

Spanking Panties

On television, Western spankings were mainly administered on jeans or long period skirts, and on the few other occasions when the skirts were raised, it really was a study in petticoats, so this scene is indeed something unique and special in the genre. And there’s also a great moment afterwards, superbly played by Diane Jergens, when.

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