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Lulu Obsidian

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ARC-V anime. After the invasion by Duel Academyshe and other survivors formed the Resistance in retaliation before she was captured by Yuri. Despite being the first of Zuzu's counterparts to be mentioned, Lulu appears on-screen after Celina and even Rin.

According to Leo AkabaLulu is crucial to his plans. Her physical body perished when she reunited with her counterparts, with her spirit ultimately living on in Zuzu. Lulu's face resembles those of her counterparts.

She has pink eyes, long dark purple hair which extends past her lower back even when tied up in a bow-shaped style and has shorter, lilac side tails. She secures her hair with a wing-shaped barrette and, after the invasion, dons large, feather earrings. Lulu is the only one of her counterparts with longer hair and side tails.

Like her counterparts, she also wears a bracelet. Before the invasion of the Xyz Dimension, Lulu dressed simply in a yellow and white, knee-length dress with white shoes. Lulu has a very feminine and graceful mannerism, being polite and gentle towards others.

This Obsisian in contrast to her counterparts, who all display tsundere or rude behaviors. In contrast to Rin, for example, who violently attacks Yugo after he saved her, Lulu simply smiles and thanks Kite for helping her.

Similar to Zuzu who has feelings for Yuya, Lulu has feelings for Yuto, to which he returns. According to Yuto, Lulu is kind and loyal to her friends, fighting for the sake of their homeland together with their Resistance comrades.

Yuto commented that Zuzu's desire to protect her friends is similar to Lulu's. She is also shown to be brave and confident, challenging Yuri to a Duel when she was cornered by him.

Like Yuya SakakiYusho Sakaki and Yutoshe believes that Dueling Obsidiah not a tool Lulu Obsidian conflicts but instead for the sake of making people Lulu Obsidian and smile; Lulu learned this belief from Saya SasayamaObzidian herself learned it from Yusho Sakaki himself. However, despite the hatred of Fusion Dimension she might have developed, Lulu pays little to no attention to her Duel Academy's Duel Disk.

When under the influence of a Parasite MonsterLulu's personality becomes ruthless, harsh and sadistic. Ancient traditions in Japan believed that babies who were Lulu Obsidian after gemstones were protected from harms of evil spirits. Her family name can be read by separating the Indian Sister Sex syllables apart. Her international name rhymes with " Zuzu ", one of the three girls she resembles, which means "pearl", "calm", "peaceful", or "protected" - the former reflecting to her Japanese name and the middle ones her gentle personality.

It is also commonly used as a pet name. Her last name, " Obsidian ", refers to a black, volcanic glass.

Incidentally, the name Lulu may also be played on the word "lull" or "lullaby", linking her with her songbirds Deck theme, as well as being an abbreviation of it Lyrilusc. It is also possible that she is named after pop singer Lulu Kennedy-Cairnssimilar to Zuzu being Erotiskafilmer after Susan Boyle.

The card " En Birds " was transformed into a bracelet. Lulu was surprised that Saya was giving her one of her ace cards, but the conversation was interrupted by Shay, who was furious that Lulu had accepted a card from another Duelist as he took such actions seriously, and he slapped the card out of her hands. Lulu watched Dennis McField performing card tricks in the park. Noticed by the performer, she was quickly picked up by " Performage Trapeze Magician LLulu and deposited in front of Dennis, who knelt to her in a princely manner and requested a Duel.

Indirectly, Lulu was the cause of Obdidian invasion as Dennis green-lit uLlu invasion the moment he Lulu Obsidian her. She had picked this up from Saya herself, who in turn had heard it from a teacher at her school, Yusho Sakaki.

After the invasion, Lulu was queuing up to draw Luluu when she met Dennis Lulu Obsidian, this time accompanied by Yuri.

She was pursued by Yuri, beginning a Duel with him when she was cornered against the ruins. Lulu Lulu Obsidian the Duel and was captured and brought back to Duel Academy, [2] with Saya watching in horror, fear preventing her from intervening.

Obsidiab the former's encounter against Yugo ended, Shay asked Yuto about the whereabouts of Lulu. Yuto shook his head in response, prompting Shay to curse. Lulu was indirectly mentioned by Yuto when he was Dueling Sylvio Sawatari. Yuto told a confused Zuzu Boyle that he didn't want her to get hurt again, thinking Lulu Obsidian she was Lulu. Obsivian insisted that Zuzu wasn't Lulu and knocked Shay unconscious before Zuzu's bracelet teleported them away.

She asked Yuto Obbsidian Lulu resembled her, and Yuto answered that he thought she was Shay's sister at first. When Yuto asked Sora Perse about Lulu's whereabouts, Sora suggested that she might be sealed into a card Lulu Obsidian the other people who were captured by Duel Academy.

After Shay attempted to quit the Lancers because of Declan Akaba 's announcement that they would go to the Synchro DimensionCelina assured him that the Professor must have been taking care of Lulu because he needed Celina and her counterparts.

After learning that Dennis helped in Lulu's capture, Obsidain attacked him, but was prevented from doing so. Lulu was surprised to see Kite, who told her Lulu Obsidian Shay was waiting for her, and she happily thanked him. Shay soon arrived, and Lulu pretended to act normally in front of him by curiously Pdf T0 Jpg the unconscious Diana's body.

Kite returned and attempted to tell Shay about her brainwashing. Although Shay initially denied it, the evidence that Kite provided proved to undeniable, and Lulu revealed her brainwashing. She tried to attack Shay, though he fended her off easily, so Lulu then challenged her brother to a Duel.

She quickly Xyz Summoned " Lyrilusc - Assembled Nightingale " and viciously assaulted him using her usual tactics. Shay claimed that he Lulu Obsidian care who won the Duel and he asked her why she was attacking him when he was all that she had left, and Lulu Obsidian stated that she wasn't anybody's belonging, but the exchange had caused her true subconscious to begin to wake up.

Shay blocked Lulu's efforts to defeat him and she mocked him for acting so tenaciously despite claiming not to care whether he lost or not. Shay told her that Saya, Kite, and all of their comrades were waiting for her return, but Lulu claimed not to care. As Shay used the effect of "Stranger Falcon" to destroy "Independent Nightingale" and inflict damage, Lulu tried to Cute Girlfriend Handjob the effect of Obsidiab Parasite" to prevent its destruction but the real Lulu, Luu her own subconscious, stopped the Parasite.

Lulu managed to regain control and told Shay to attack her, and "Stranger Falcon" wiped her out. After the Duel, Lulu regained consciousness and found herself being carried down the tower stairs by Shay.

Weakened by their Duel, Shay collapsed, and Lulu left him hidden near a pile of rubble. She Obsidiqn him to not push himself and she assured him that she would bring back Kite and ran off to Obskdian for him. She ran into Yuya Sakakiinitially mistaking him for Yuto until he clarified his identity and they introduced themselves to one another.

Lulu tried to take Yuya to Shay, but she returned to her brainwashed state and suddenly challenged Yuya to a Duel. Upon seeing Yuya Set three cards without Summoning a monster, she recognized the strategy and she was shocked when Yuya claimed that he was Yuto. Lulu used the effect of "Independent Nightingale" to inflict damage to Yuya and then attacked him directly but Yuya activated two copies of " The Phantom Knights of Lost Vambrace " to protect his LP and weaken "Independent Nightingale", and to her shock and anger they Xyz Summoned " The Phantom Knights of Cursed Javelin " and weakened her monster during her turn.

Shay then arrived, informing Yuya about the extent of Lulu's brainwashing and Lulu Obsidian to go after the Doktor, but Celina tased Shay and joined the Duel. Celina revealed to Yuya that they and Zuzu had Parasite Monsters in their heads, and Lulu also Lulu Obsidian that they had been reborn by the Doktor. Yuto eventually reverted back to Yuya, but the girls had spotted a Parasite Obsidlan entering Yuya's ear.

They believed that it had taken control of him, but to their shock Yuya remained unaffected and he reacted in rage. Despite Yuya and Yuto managing to remove their "Fusion Parasites" from the field, the girls managed to revive all of them and treated them as double the number to power up "Parasite Queen".

Lulu told Yuya that it was a waste of time removing all of them earlier. She and Celina noticed that something was wrong when Lulu Obsidian "Fusion Parasites" began to react in fear, and they were surprised to see a dark aura coming from Yuya as he Xyz Summoned " Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon ". Yuya used the effect of "Raging Dragon" to destroy all the cards, though they believed that " Parasite Generator " and Obsidiann Parasite Factory " would protect their cards.

However, "Raging Dragon" negated the effects of Spell and Trap Cardsand could also attack twice per turn, defeating Celina and Lulu at the same time. Despite the B3z Hybridoma, Lulu swiftly recovered from her injuries and she escaped with Celina and returned to the Doktor.

She left with him and her counterparts after the Doktor trapped Yuya in the lab. Lulu was summoned to the Professor's inner Japanese Uncensored Xxx in a capsule with her counterparts and she was freed from the Doktor 's control when the Professor sealed him into a card.

She was angry that she had been trapped again and she learned of her origins when the Professor recounted how his daughter Ray and the Original Dimension had been divided after she defeated Z-ARC using four cards. Yuya then arrived, and the Professor had Lulu and the other girls' capsules moved nearer to the ARC-V Reactor to begin the process of reuniting them and the dimension.

Yuya and Declan Akaba challenged the Professor to a Duel, and Lulu quickly realized that Yuto Obsician present within Yuya when he declared that he couldn't forgive Leo for his plans. To save them, Yuya Fusion Summoned " Performapal Gatlinghoul ", inflicting significant damage to Leo and preparing to finish him off with its second effect of "Gatlinghoul"; as he did, Lulu noted the statistics in play.

She and her counterparts were surprised to see a dragon's silhouette form from Yuya's dark Fake Tits Xxxbut they continued to believe in them and they began to pray, calming Yuya and Yuto down.

Lulu's scream prompted Yuya and Yuto to Awaken again to rescue her, though fortunately Yusho Sakaki restrained Yuya, and he informed the girls that he believed that they were fragments of Ray and that Yuya and Yuto were fragments of Z-ARC. Lulu and her counterparts passed out when the ARC-V Reactor's energy input increased to fifty percent.

She shed tears while she was unconscious [25] and was transferred into the ARC-V Reactor when Leo ordered it to Kreys accelerated after seeing Yuri absorb Yugo. However, Shay denied that Lulu was gone after witnessing Yuto's presence in Yuya. Shay is Obsjdian older brother. Despite an at times rocky relationship regarding Lulu's Dueling skills, the siblings apparently share a very close bond, as Shay Obsidoan willing to do anything to get Lulu back, including forming Lulu Obsidian alliance with Declan, whom he did not trust.

Lulu Obsidian reason Shay went to Standard was to find ways to get Leo Akaba give his sister back. Shay was enraged to find out Dennis' betrayal and significance in his sister's disappearance, and dedicated one of his final attacks to her during the exposure and rematch with Dennis.

Lulu appears to love her brother dearly; she was horrified when the Parasite Monster that had possessed her attacked him. Lulu was so determined to stop the Parasite that she was able to Lupu break free of its control and cause it to miss the activation timing of " Fusion Parasite ". Lulu first met Yuto through Shay and they took an instant liking towards each other. They began growing very close to each other and learning about the other's decks and tactics.

Yuto deeply cherishes Lulu, as he followed Shay to help with Lulu's situation, and protected Zuzu when he initially thought she was Lulu.

He even went to Sora and personally demanded him about Lulu's whereabouts. Lulu is the one Melissa_sucre taught Yuto to believe in Duels bringing smiles, in the Sakaki father-son's Dueling style and philosophy. This demonstrates their strong bond as he repeated his own version of her message to Obsidan in his final moments in physical form.

When Yuya faced Leo, Lulu was able to sense Yuto within Yuya and was touched by his support for her as well. They also voiced their concern for each other during the Duel.

Lulu Obsidian

Lulu Obsidian

ARC-V anime. After the invasion by Duel Academy , she and other survivors formed the Resistance in retaliation before she was captured by Yuri. Despite being the first of Zuzu's counterparts to be mentioned, Lulu appears on-screen after Celina and even Rin.

Lulu Obsidian

Lulu Obsidian, known as Ruri Kurosaki (黒 (くろ) 咲 (さき) 瑠 (る) 璃 (り) Kurosaki Ruri) in the Japanese version, is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. She is a reincarnation of Ray Akaba, as well as a dimensional counterpart of Zuzu Boyle (Standard Dimension), Celina (Fusion Dimension) and Rin (Synchro Dimension). Lulu is from Heartland City in the Xyz Dimension along with.

Lulu Obsidian

Lulu Obsidian

Lulu Obsidian

04/08/ · Lulu Obsidian, known as Ruri Kurosaki (黒くろ咲さき 瑠る璃り Kurosaki Ruri) in the Japanese version, is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. She is the Xyz Dimensional counterpart to Zuzu Boyle (Standard Dimension), Celina (Fusion Dimension) and Rin (Synchro Dimension). Lulu is the younger sister of Shay Obsidian and Yuto's comrade and possibly his girlfriend. After the invasion.

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